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The Tree Party

by A. L. Shattuck

We had a fine party last night on the lawn;
All the trees and the flowers were invited.
It never broke up till the first peep of dawn.
And the guests went away quite delighted.

The Maple and Pine gave this banquet so fine.
Spread out in the moonlight before us;
The music was planned by the Whippoorwill band,
With a cricket and katydid chorus.

The jolliest set in the garden had met—
Not a scoffer was there, nor a mourner,
Except a rude thorn, whom they treated with scorn,
As he grumbled away in his corner.

The loveliest creatures wore emerald green,
With dewdrops for jewels, resplendent;
But the stately Rose Queen, all in scarlet was seen,
And in purple her Lilac attendant.

Now, the Oak is a hundred years old, as they tell,
And very exalted his station;
And so, on this midsummer night, it befell
That they gave him a royal ovation.

With a dignified grace he arose in his place
And thanked all his neighbors politely,
Described the rough ways of his pioneer days
And the hardships recalled now so lightly.

Then all the night long there was laughter and song,
In a language the trees comprehended,
Until daylight fell strong on the mirth-making throng
And the famous tree party was ended.

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