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How to Read the Bible

by Amos Russel Wells

I'll read the Bible with a microscope,
The many hidden blessings there to find,
The gold that well repays my searching hope,
The jewels of the heart and of the mind

With telescope the Bible I will read
So far and vast its shining glories are
So swiftly truths to ardent truths succeed
A bright-heaped galaxy of sun and star

I'll read the Bible with a garden spade
For hosts of seedling thoughts are growing there.
Transplanted to my life, they give me shade
And healthful fruit, and flowers richiy fair.

I'll read the Bible with a light-poised boat,
With crowding sail or with a laboring oar,
For it has many a fairy-land remote,
And many winding channels to explore.

I'll read the Bible with a miner's pick,
For deep in solid rock its wealth is found;
But ah, the secret veins are rich and thick,
And glorious Eldorados here ahound.

All instruments, all modes of eager quest,
Find here their recompense of high reward,
Find here the wisest, worthiest, and best,
The free and waiting treasures of the Lord.

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