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In the Wilderness

by Amos Russel Wells

When temptations throng and press
Through a lonely wilderness,
In my doubt and deadly fear,
Jesus, Saviour, be Thou near;
Thou hast all temptation known,
All temptations overthrown.

When the sky is brass o'erhead,
And I fear for daily bread,
With the fulness of thy peace
Bid my fainting folly cease;
Though the wilderness is bare
Thou wilt spread a table there.

When ambitions bid me stray
From the straight and narrow way,
Thou, the Lord of all the earth,
Teach me what is better worth.
Show the gain of loving loss
And the glory of the cross.

When the very work I do
Brings a subtle danger too.
And I fain would speed alone
In a pathway of my own,
Then, O self-denying Son,
Not my will, but Thine, be done!

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