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John Curzon's Watch

by Amos Russel Wells

Have you heard of John Curzon, of Poland?
A wonderful artisan, he!
A watchmaker equalled in no land,
As you, I am sure, will agree.

For the Czar of the Russias, to try him,
Commanded a watch for his fob,
And bade that his envoy supply him
With all he might use in the job.

So the messenger brought some wood chippings,
Some glass that was smashed in a fall,
Copper nails and some bits of wire clippings,
And a cracked china cup; that was all!

John Curzon, this rubbish receiving,
Contrived, with no other to aid,—
It is true, though it seems past believing,—
A watch that was perfectly made!

The case—it was formed of the china.
The works were patched up from the rest.
It was worthy a rez or rigina;
And Curzon had won in the test!

So, my lad, with no money and no land,
And Fate as severe as the Czar,
Just think you are Curzon of Poland,
And conquer—from things as they are!

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