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by Amos Russel Wells

Rise from thoughts of shame and sin,
From passions fierce that burn within;
Rise! a better life begin,
All free from hate and scorning.
Rise! from weakness into might;
Rise! from wrong to Joyous right;
Rise! from darkness to the light
Of Easter in the morning.

Rise, for royal heralds call.
Angel songs that soar and fall,
Golden glories over all,
Earth and skies adorning.
Rise, for inner voices plead;
Rise from lower thought and deed,
Follow where the angels lead
On Easter in the morning.

Rise! for soon you may not rise;
Soul unheeding dwarfs and dies;
Not for aye may one be wise;
For To-day the warning!
Lo! the range of endless years,
Other lives and other spheres,
Your eternity appears
At Easter in the morning.

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