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The Christmas Spectrum

by Amos Russel Wells

Seven points hath the Christmas star:
One is the love that shines afar
From God to man; and one is the love
That leaps from the world to the Lord above;
And one is good will on the happy earth;
And one is purity, one is peace,
And two are the joys that never cease,—
God's joy,
Man's joy,—
Aflame in the star of the wonderful Birth.

And the light of God's love is a golden light,
And man's love to man is crimson bright,
And man's love to God is an azure ray,—
Alas when it flickers and dies away!
And the seven rays through the worshipping night,
Like the flash of all jewels, exult and play,—
God's joy,
Man's joy,—
Yet they shine as one, and the star is white.

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