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The Easter Test

by Amos Russel Wells

If I had seen the Master on that morning
All glorious with resurrection light,
Beyond the might of men and evil scorning,
How would my soul have met the splendid sight?

Would I have hastened eager to adore Him,
My spirit caught in rapture strangely sweet?
Would I have run to lay my heart hefore Him?
Would I have fallen trembling at his feet?

Or would a sudden fear have held me rigid,
And would my sins have heen a barrier high,
And would my doubts have bound me stiff and frigid
In sullen coldness while the Lord passed by?

I need not ask, for still my Lord comes near me,
Life evermore victorious from the grave;
And still he calls, "O brother do not fear me!"
And still his eager hands are stretched to save.

All days are Easter days and bring the testing
Of lower calls and summons from above,
O haste, my soul, unhurried and unresting,
To meet the Lord of and claim His love.

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