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I Love These Days

by Annette Wynne

I love these days when autumn leaves
Are falling everywhere around,
And I can tread among the sheaves,
And hear the crispy, crunchy sound.

I leave my dolly safe at home,
And climb the old gray orchard wall;
The squirrels spy me where I roam,
And scamper to the treetops tall.

And O, it is a pleasant thing
To listen for the happy sound,
Each little leaflet tries to sing,
That rustles softly to the ground.

And so I spend the afternoon,
And watch the leaves go floating by
Till Mother comes to say that soon
The dark will come into the sky.

I know when stars are overhead,
The leaves all gather in a heap,
And while I lie quite warm in bed,
They snuggle close and go to sleep.