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Cardinal Poems

Table of Contents

  1. The Cardinal-Bird by Lloyd Mifflin
  2. The Cardinal by Alice E. Ball
  3. by

  1. The Cardinal-Bird

    by Lloyd Mifflin

    The Cardinal has come again;
    He all the brake salutes;
    His music floods the silent glen,
    Oh, hear him, how he flutes!

    From tree to tree his scarlet glows;
    Such beauty rare he brings,
    That all the richness of the rose
    Seems lavished on his wings!

  2. The Cardinal

    by Alice E. Ball

    When autumn woods are bare and dead,
    A crested bird, of cardinal red,
    Sways like an oak-leaf overhead;
    And sighs, "Drear! drear! drear!"

    When winter woods are white with snow,
    And drifts pile high as wild winds blow,
    Like flame this torchlike bird doth glow;
    And cries, "Whew! whew! whew!"

    When springtime's crimson buds appear,
    And red-gold columbines are here,
    This songster welcomes the new year;
    And sings, "Cheer! cheer! cheer!"

    When summer's sun sheds scorching beams,
    And cardinal flowers beside the streams
    Grow wild, this brilliant bird still gleams;
    And whistles, "Hue! hue! hue!"

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