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Our Prairie Homes

by Charles J. Barber

How happy they who do reside
Along Missouri’s flowing tide;
Or on the gently rolling plains,
By winding streams and shady lanes;
Who westwnrd came from childhood homes—
From old familiar spires and domes,
From hill and dale and greenwood wild,
Where oft they sported when a child;
From every tie that’s to them dear—
From every state both far and near—
From every nation on the earth
Where has been told Nebraska’s worth,
They came and left their native land
And gave to friends the parting hand;
With white sails bending to the breeze
They bravely crossed the stormy seas,
And quickly o’er the iron rail,
And farther still by Indian trail,
Until they gained this fertile shore
And viewed its rolling prairies o’er,
And by its rivers, lakes and streams
Have realized their early dreams;
And now have happy homes and friends
In towns and cities, dales and glens;
And round the fireside’s cheerful blaze
Their children frolic in their plays.