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Crane Poems

Table of Contents

  1. The Herald Crane by Hamlin Garland

Poems About Cranes

The catbird piped in the hazel,
And the harsh kingfisher screamed,
And the crane, in amber and oozy swirls,
Dozed in the reeds and dreamed.

– James Whitcomb Riley
A Vision of Summer
  1. The Herald Crane

    by Hamlin Garland

    Oh! say you so, bold sailor
    In the sun-lit deeps of sky!
    Dost thou so soon the seed-time tell
    In thy imperial cry,
    As circling in yon shoreless sea
    Thine unseen form goes drifting by?

    I cannot trace in the noon-day glare
    Thy regal flight, O crane!
    From the leaping might of the fiery light
    Mine eyes recoil in pain,
    But on mine ear, thine echoing cry
    Falls like a bugle strain.

    The mellow soil glows beneath my feet,
    Where lies the buried grain;
    The warm light floods the length and breadth
    Of the vast, dim, shimmering plain,
    Throbbing with heat and the nameless thrill
    Of the birth-time's restless pain.

    On weary wing, plebeian geese
    Push on their arrowy line
    Straight into the north, or snowy brant
    In dazzling sunshine, gloom and shine;
    But thou, O crane, save for thy sovereign cry,
    At thy majestic height
    On proud, extended wings sweep'st on
    In lonely, easeful flight.

    Then cry, thou martial-throated herald!
    Cry to the sun, and sweep
    And swing along thy mateless, tireless course
    Above the clouds that sleep
    Afloat on lazy air—cry on! Send down
    Thy trumpet note—it seems
    The voice of hope and dauntless will,
    And breaks the spell of dreams.

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