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Casco River

by Daniel Clement Colesworthy

Of the rivers bright and golden,
Rolling onward to the sea,
In their beauty and their grandeur,
Thou the dearest art to me.

I have seen the Juniata
Sweep its verdant banks along;
Listened to the Rappahannock
In its rudest, wildest song;

I have watched the broad Ohio,
Swelling from a thousand streams,
And the quiet, meek Scioto,
Brighter than a poet's dreams;

Heard the roaring of Niagara,
Wonder of the western world;
Seen the towering, icy mountains
In its "hell of waters" hurled;

Stood beside the Susquehanna,
And the rolling Merrimack;
On the noble Mississippi
Marked the Indian s arrowy track;

By the beauteous Androscoggin
In a trance of glory stood,
Listening to a thousand echoes
From the deep, surrounding wood;

In Penobscot's verdant valley
Lingered with the savage wild,
Till I seemed to catch the spirit
Of untutored nature's child;

On the banks of sinuous Nonesuch
Lingered many a sunny day,
Till the evening shadows tore me
From my peaceful joys away;

Sailed upon the glorious Hudson,
Floated on old Congin's breast;
But such beauties never stirred me
As on Casco's bosom rest.

Golden river! well I love thee—
Heaven of childhood's happy day,
When upon thy sparkling waters
I was wont to leap and play.

Gone are schoolmates; cot and palace
Crumbled by the tooth of time;
But thou rollest in thy beauty,
Filling me with thoughts sublime

Generations come and linger
For a season and are gone,
But, unchanging and forever,
Gloriously thou rollest on.

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