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On Spring

by Eliza Wolcott

Return sweet spring, and let thy jays
Descend to cheer the ground,
While each glad field her tribute pays,
Bedeck'd with flowers around.

While budding trees, adorn'd with green,
Unfold their fragrant leaves;
And cheerful songsters there are seen
Their webbed nests to weave.

Now let the joyful farmer strew
His seed on broken soil,
While with delight he hopes to view
The harvest crown his toil.

And now may gentle showers descend,
To cheer the smiling meads,
While their soft winds the zephyrs lend
To weave the tender reeds.

Now gentle streams refresh the vales,
Exhaling odors sweet,
Meandering down the hills and dales,
And makes the scene complete.

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