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by Elizabeth Ann Armstrong

Love called and lo! I came to blossom on the tree of life.
The fruit of two united hearts with love and longing rife,
To draw forth care and tenderness, in life a place to fill,
To grow into a perfect soul of reason and free will.

Love is the sweet and crowning glory of this life on earth,
From love's undying source came the mystery of birth.
Love's perfect plan remains unchanged it ever longs to give
Its tribune to the future of something that will live.

Warmed by love's sacred flame the humblest cot becomes a shrine,
Where sweet and tender memories like tendrils round it twine,
Without love's ties this life would be of very little worth,
But with love's power home can become the dearest spot on earth.

Love is a wondrous symphony, the music of the spheres,
Nature's sweetest song where perfect harmony appears.
The page of life is truly a great and wondrous scroll
On which to write love's melodies—the music of the soul.

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