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Do Thine Own Task

by Ellwood Roberts

Do thine own task; look not to left or right;
Toil on in faith, according to thy light!
Thy neighbor's work is not assigned to thee.
Do thine own task; therewith contented be!

Pay not much heed to others' blame or praise;
Let thy own conscience judge of all thy ways!
The path of duty is the one for all;
Who elsewhere walks, shall stumble oft and fall.

Use well thy time; let neither praise nor blame
Retard thy wise pursuit of lofty aim!
Each has his own appointed work to do,
And sweet reward it brings to toiler true.

Go forth unto the toil assigned to thee,
Resolved to do it, whatsoe'er it be!
And, active, earnest, true and faithful still,
Do thine own task; God's purposes fulfill

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