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Men Wanted

by E. F. Hayward

We need the man of spine, today,
To boldly take the floor;
And without hesitation, say
Things, which make rascals sore.

The kind who never climbs a fence
When issues are at stake;
The man with good old common sense,—
Whose brain is wide awake.

The one who speaks just what he thinks,
As only thinkers can;
Not one who only sits and winks,
For "policy's" his plan.

Of such as he, there's not a few,
Nor need for any more;
Get off the fence, if this means you,
A coward is a "bore."

We need the man who has the nerve
To choose what's right, then stick;
The only kind that's fit to serve,
Is one the thieves can't lick.

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