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Football Poems

Table of Contents

  1. The Football Player by Ralph Edward McMillin
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  1. The Football Player

    by Ralph Edward McMillin

    Your autumn armor girds you 'round
    From cleated shoon to leathern helm,
    Your thund'ring rushes scar the ground
    'Twixt lime-lined borders of your realm;
    'Gainst wearing rack,
    For sharp attack,
    Swift forrays, 'neath the spheroids flight—
    'Gainst jarring knock
    And brushing shock
    You stand a well-accoutred knight.

    Your pliant sinews scorn the strain
    Of wind-swift tackles' swooping clasp;
    Your shoulders carve the yawning lane,
    Your high knees tear the frantic grasp;
    Or waiting low
    The rushing foe,
    Your steel arms tighten, left on right;
    Torn free away
    Or sore at bay
    You roam a strong and sturdy knight.

    Revered tradition holds you true
    And blazes all your rugged way,
    As did the heart the Douglas threw
    Into the turmoil of the fray;
    And striking square
    And hard and fair
    You cleave your way with main and might;
    Nor yield an inch
    Nor foul nor flinch
    But strive as best becomes a knight.

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