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Hazel Green

by George W. Kettoman

There is a land dear to my heart
As freedom to the fawn,
And from my memory ne'er shall part
While life in me lives on.
'Tis where the Lehigh broad and bright
Doth pour his glimmering sheen
Down thro' a vale of love and light
To beauteous Hazel Green.

Around her quiet cottage home
Do sheep and cattle browse;
And meadow pink, and daisy bloom,
And violet and rose.
And there near to a beechen grove
High gleams the chapel vane,
And choristers sing God's high love
With saintly Hazel Green.

Down holm and mead her nimble feet
Go tripping thro' the dew;
And pure is the song, and clean and sweet,
That flows to me and you.
Her basket with wild flowers in it
She bears with artless mien:
In soft blue gown and jaunty hat—
God bless our Hazel Green!

No marquis, duke or titled earl
Walks in her suitors' train,
But those who love the farmer girl
Are Nature's noblemen.
And no proud empress sable-robed,
Or jeweled southern queen,
Can dare compare with her so rare,
God's own sweet Hazel Green.

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