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A Morning Prayer

by Gigi Ryan

Good morning Lord, I thank you for this day;
Help me to watch and hear You as I pray.

You are most High and Holy; my Great King;
My praises, sins and needs to You I bring.

Your Name is Righteous and Your Wisdom best;
Help me today in Your Strong Arms to rest.

Keep me from every idol of the heart;
Things that from my God tempt me to part.

Your kingdom first I desire to seek,
And follow in Your ways with heart that’s meek.

Your grace and strength provide me to sustain;
All works without would be done in vain.

Help me in Your Shadow to reside;
Always with the Lord God to abide.

Oh, that your angels round me would encamp;
Your Word unto my feet a guiding lamp.

May others know I care to listen well;
And think before I let my word dispel.

Help me to love You as I ought to do;
And love the ones to whom my love is due.

May those around me wish a closer walk
With You by my heart and works and talk.

Let me not grow weary in the fight
When enemies appear to have more might.

Of all the earth my Jesus, He is King!
May this be the mind’s best rendering!

Since Jesus died to pay for my sins all
Keep me humble lest I rise and fall.

Dear Shepherd walk with me for all this day;
Hold me tight; don’t let me go astray.

You are my Life, my Joy, my Hope, my Rock!
Keep me safe from every tempest shock!

Until I rest eternally with You,
Keep me holy, safe, and pure and true.

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