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Gingerbread Poems

Table of Contents

  1. A Gingerbread Story by Lottie Brown Allen

  1. A Gingerbread Story

    by Lottie Brown Allen

    I love to note a baby’s way
    The grace of childhood is so sweet.
    I gave a tiny friend, one day,
    A piece of gingerbread to eat,
    And I, much pleasure gained the while
    To see the happy little smile.
    Then straightway I forgot the act
    As usually I do, in fact.

    A few days more, the same wee tot
    Tapped softly at my kitchen door.
    Some ripe tomatoes he had brought
    As he had often done before.
    I chatted as I took his pan
    While through my brain the question ran,
    If there was anything I had
    With which to please the little lad.

    I asked if he liked honey, sweet,
    Knowing some children prize the treat.
    "Not wery well," he shyly said,
    Then boldly raised his little head,
    While bravely forth his wee voice rings,
    "But I like gingerbread and things."

    Was ever baby tact more sweet?
    Swiftly I ran with flying feet,
    Almost afraid to lift the lid
    For fear no gingerbread it hid.
    That baby faith, I must not shake—
    Oh joy, there’s one small piece of cake!

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