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Life's Knitting-Work

by Harriet Selden Baker

My knitting-work I laid aside
When the week was done;
But I took it up again
With Monday's rising sun.

Stitch by stitch, hour by hour,
Through the live-long day,
Do I go the many rounds
Of life's busy way.

But I find that I oft drop
Stitches, here and there,
From my tired hands that are
Burdened so with care.

But each stitch I patiently
Through the meshes draw:
Till my work is once again
Whole, without a flaw!

O that when my life shall close,
And all its acts laid bare,
It might all be found complete—
Perfect everywhere,—

A well-rounded life that should
Receive our Lord's bequest:
"Well done, Faithful, enter in
To my promised rest!"

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