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Hawk Poems

Table of Contents

  1. The Hawk by Paul Hamilton Hayne
  2. Fighting for Home by James McIntyre

  1. The Hawk

    by Paul Hamilton Hayne

    Ambushed in yonder cloud of white,
    Far-glittering from its azure height,
    He shrouds his swiftness and his might!

    But oft across the echoing sky,
    Long-drawn, though uttered suddenly,
    We hear his strange, shrill, bodeful cry.

    Winged robber! in his vaporous tower
    Secure in craft, as strong in power,
    Coolly he bides the fated hour,

    When thro' cloud-rifts of shadowy rise,
    Earthward are bent his ruthless eyes,
    Where, blind to doom, the quarry lies!

    And from dense cloud to noontide glow,
    (His fiery gaze still fixed below),
    He sails on pinions proud and slow!

    Till, like a fierce, embodied ray,
    He hurtles down the dazzling day,—
    A death-flash on his startled prey;

    And where but now a nest was found,
    Voiceful, beside its grassy mound.
    A few brown feathers strew the ground!

  2. Fighting for Home

    by James McIntyre

    A hawk while soaring on the wing,
    O'er a tiny sparkling spring,
    Beheld a sleek and beauteous mink,
    Was enjoying a bath and drink.

    And though the hawk was bent on slaughter
    The mink was more at home on water,
    And it is strange this curious quarrel
    All occurred in a sunk barrel.

    In the Township of Nissouri,
    There the hawk it came to sorrow,
    But it strove often for to sink,
    In vain it strove to drown the mink,

    But mink it did successful balk,
    All the attacks were made by hawk,
    The bird was drenched, it could not fly,
    And ne'er again it soared on high.