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Nebraska, The Pride of This Country

by Henry Allen Brainerd

Nebraska, the pride of this country,
With its wide rolling prairies so green,
Its vast fields of corn and its meadows,
Is the fairest of sights ever seen.
Its woodlands, its vales and its rivers;
Its farms stretching wide o'er the lea,
Oh! Nebraska, the gem of this country,
Is the home in this free land for me.
Cho.— Oh, Nebraska, Nebraska, Nebraska,
The fairest of lands we have see,
The land of the free and the faithful,
'Tis the home in this free land I ween.

A few years ago 'twas a prairie,
'Twas a vast, rolling wild sanded plain,
But now by the hand of progression,
It is bounding with ripe golden grain.
'Tis the storehouse of peace and of plenty,
Its products extend to the sea,
Oh, Nebraska the gem of this country,
Is the home in this free land for me.

'Tis a land filled with milk and with honey,
Its storehouse is filled to the beam,
This land is for all who may enter,
To till its broad acres so green.
Look around you and see peace and plenty,
You can travel from sea unto sea,
But you'll find that the plains of Nebraska,
Is the home in this free land for thee.

There is room in this country for many,
And all who may come, you can hear,
The watchword ring out, and the echo,
Peace, plenty. Be thou of good cheer.
Look out on our fields, see there's plenty,
See our storehouses loaded with grain,
Hear the echo ring back for Nebraska,
There's cheers, once again, and again.

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