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Log Cabin Boys

by John Henton Carter

Log Cabin Boys—here's a few:
Where'd you get Lincoln?—and, say, who
Sent you Grant, and Sheridan, too;
Corwin and Old Tippecanoe;
General Jackson, who pulled through,
At New Orleans, the Boy's in Blue
When all those red-coat British flew?
And Tecumseh, who led the crew
That cut the brave old South in two
And hoisted the old flag anew?
And Whitelaw Reid and John Hay grew
Up the same way. The same is true
Of Garfield the assassin slew.
And, cracky! there's McKinley—whew!
Well, these are only just a few
Log Cabin Boys (but guess they'll do),
Who helped to pull the country through
And leave it unimpaired to you.

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