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by Kate Louise Wheeler

Faith is needed every day,—
Faith to work and faith to pray;
Faith to learn and faith to teach,
Faith to practice, faith to preach;
Faith to love and faith to charm,
Faith to quicken, faith to calm;
Faith to bless and faith to chide,
Faith to follow, faith to guide;
Faith to prove and faith to know,
Faith to stay and faith to go;
Faith to urge and faith to keep,
Faith to waken, faith to sleep;
Faith to do and faith to dare,
Faith to bear and faith to share;
Faith to bind and faith to break,
Faith to give and faith to take;
Faith to stand and faith to yield,
Faith to heal, faith to be healed,
Faith to pardon, faith to seek,
Faith to listen, faith to speak;
Faith to wait and faith to try,
Faith to live and faith to die.

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