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The Snowflake

by Margaret Elizabeth Sangster

It was a little snowflake
With tiny winglets furled;
Its warm cloud-mother held it fast
Above the sleeping world.
All night the wild winds blustered
And blew o'er land and sea;
But the little suowflake cuddled close,
As safe as safe could be.

Then came the cold gray morning,
And the great cloud-mother said:
"Now every little snowflake
Must proudly lift its head,
And through the air go sailing
Till it finds a place to alight,
For I must weave a coverlet
To clothe the world in white."

The little snowflake fluttered,
And gave a wee, wee sigh;
But fifty million other flakes
Came softly floating by;
And the wise cloud-mothers sent them
To keep the world's bread warm
Through many a winter sunset,
And many a night of storm.

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