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Pelican Poems

Table of Contents

  1. Pelican on the Sea of Galilee by Lydia Howard Sigourney

A Poem About Pelicans

  1. Pelican on the Sea of Galilee

    by Lydia Howard Sigourney

    Lone bird, upon yon sacred sea,
    Dimpling with solitary breast
    The silent wave of Galilee,
    Where shall thine oary foot find rest?

    Hast thou a home mid rock or reed
    Of this most desolate domain
    Where not one ibex dares to feed
    Nor Arab tent imprints the plain

    What know st thou of Bethsaida's gate
    Or old Chorazin's desert bound.
    What heed st thou of Capernaum's fate,
    Whose shapeless ruins throng around?

    Once, when the tempest's wing was dark,
    A sleeper rose and calm'd the sea,
    And snatch'd from death the fragile bark—
    Here was the spot, but who was he?

    He heard the surge impetuous roar,
    And trod sublime its wildest crest,—
    Redeemer! was yon watery floor
    Thus by thy glorious feet impress'd?

    Oh, when each earthly hope and fear,
    Each fleeting loss, each fancied gain,
    Shall to our death-dimm'd sight appear
    Like the lost cities of the plain.

    Then may the soul, enslaved bo more,
    Launch calmly on salvation's sea,
    And part from time's receding shore,
    Lone, peaceful pelican! like thee.

    "A single pelican was floating there; like myself, he was alone."

    – Stephens's Incidents of Travel

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