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Bear and Forbear

by Peter Burn

"Bear and forbear," is a motto worth learning,
Hatred and malice are foes at the best;
Those who are failing its wisdom discerning,
Reap for their folly a life of unrest.

"Bear and forbear," may be hard for the present—
Men are but human, and self will intrude;
Crucify self, and the fruit shall be pleasant;
It shall be neither unlovely nor crude.

"Bear and forbear!" we have all of us failings—
He is unborn who perfection can boast;
Sad that the erring should glory in railings—
Sad that the loudest have failings the most.

"Bear and forbear," is a motto worth learning;
Be it engraven deep, deep on thine heart;
To this mark of knowledge be ever attaining;
Thou shalt be honour'd in doing thy part.

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