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Poems About Salvation

Table of Contents

  1. My New Birthday by Amos Russel Wells
  2. God our Refuge by Richard Chenevix Trench
  3. Come Thou Long Expected Jesus by Charles Wesley

  1. My New Birthday

    by Amos Russel Wells

    I will have a new birthday to-day,
    A birth from the dark to the light,
    From the sad to the jubilant way,
    From weakness to masterful might.

    What matters the time I was born?
    New birth I now can attain;
    New life in this wakening morn,
    New hope, new heart, and new brain!

    Good-by to the outworn fears,
    Good-by to the ancient strife,
    Farewell to the doubts of hesitant years
    And the failure of olden life.

    I am done, this day I am done
    With the folly of cherished sin.
    I will stand upright, I will face the sun,
    And the angels may look within!

    For I do not stand alone.
    With thee, O Creator Christ.
    I seize the crown and I mount the throne,
    And assume the wealth unpriced.

    With thee, O Lord of all good!
    With thee, Inspirer of cheer!
    I dare and I grasp all that man ever could,
    And I enter my pristine year.

    New birth, imperial birth,
    New kingship of body and time,
    A fresh-made soul for a fresh-made earth,
    And joy in its blossoming prime!

    Irrevocably I go
    Forth, forth on the opening way,
    To achieve, to enjoy, to discover, to grow,
    For I take a new birthday—to-day!

  2. God our Refuge

    by Richard Chenevix Trench, Archbishop of Dublin

    If there had anywhere appeared in space
    Another place of refuge, where to flee,
    Our hearts had taken refuge in that place,
    And not with Thee.

    For we against creation’s bars had beat
    Like prisoned eagles, through great worlds had sought
    Though but a foot of ground to plant our feet,
    Where Thou wert not.

    And only when we found in earth and air,
    In heaven or hell, that such might nowhere be—
    That we could not flee from Thee anywhere,
    We fled to Thee.

  3. Come Thou Long Expected Jesus

    by Charles Wesley

    Come, thou long expected Jesus,
    Born to set thy people free;
    From our fears and sins release us,
    Let us find our rest in thee.

    Israel's strength and consolation,
    Hope of all the earth thou art;
    Dear desire of every nation,
    Joy of every longing heart.

    Born thy people to deliver,
    Born a child and yet a King,
    Born to reign in us forever,
    Now thy gracious kingdom bring.

    By thine own eternal spirit
    Rule in all our hearts alone;
    By thine all sufficient merit,
    Raise us to thy glorious throne.

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