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Retirement Poems

Table of Contents

  1. On Retirement by Philip Freneau

  1. On Retirement

    by Philip Freneau

    A hermit's house beside a stream
    With forests planted round,
    Whatever it to you may seem
    More real happiness I deem
    Than if I were a monarch crowned.

    A cottage I could call my own
    Remote from domes of care;
    A little garden, walled with stone,
    The wall with ivy overgrown,
    A limpid fountain near,

    Would more substantial joys afford,
    More real bliss impart
    Than all the wealth that misers hoard,
    Than vanquished worlds, or worlds restored--
    Mere cankers of the heart!

    Vain, foolish man! how vast thy pride,
    How little can your wants supply!--
    'Tis surely wrong to grasp so wide--
    You act as if you only had
    To triumph--not to die!