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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

by William Henry Dawson

It's not enough that I should say,
At early dawn of each new day,
"No wrong this day will I commit,
Nor will I with the scornful sit."
It's not enough if I should meet
A widowed one, that I should greet
Her with condolence, and express
My sorrow for her great distress.
It's not enough that I should lay
My hand upon his head and say
Unto the orphan child, "My boy,
May all your life be peace and joy."
It's not enough if I should know
That enemies conspire to throw
Around your home shame and disgrace;
That I should simply turn my face
And say, "I will not stand and see
A neighbor treated shamefully."
It's not profession's empty boast
That makes us for the right a host:
It's not the things that we profess
That help the needy world to bless.
My duty has not been well done,
Until with eagerness I run
To do the will of Him who said,
"Heal ye the sick and raise the dead."
Religion pure and undefiled
Means, help the widow and her child;
It's better to relieve an ill,
Than just to know our Father's will.

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