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Ada A. Mosher


  1. Amid the Pines at Sunset
    by Ada A. Mosher
    Aisles leaf-carpeted, and columned
    With the tall Corinthian pines,
  2. A Field Service
    by Ada A. Mosher
    The Sabbath bell, the Breeze,
    From its belfry in the trees,
  3. June
    by Ada A. Mosher
    Ah, transient fall as tender were the flowers
    You flung within the lap of this old clime,
  4. October
    by Ada A. Mosher
    Dead, the last scion of the Rose's race,
    The generation of the Summer, dead!
  5. September
    by Ada A. Mosher
    The Autumn curfew rings: put out your light
    Ye Summer-subjects all; to sleep, ye Flowers: