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Annette Wynne Poems

  1. Behind Each Star
    by Annette Wynne
    Behind each star a small dream hides
    But will not show its head,
  2. Good-Morning, Day
    by Annette Wynne
    Good morning, Day,
    Whether cloud or sun,
  3. I Marred a Day
    by Annette Wynne
    I marred a day, a shining day,
    (God lent it clean and bright);
  4. If Love Were Mine
    by Annette Wynne
    If love were mine, if love were mine,
    I know what I would do,
  5. Indian Children
    by Annette Wynne
    Where we walk to school each day
    Indian children used to play—
  6. Mighty Things
    by Annette Wynne
    Iron, steel, and granite rock are mighty things, I deem,
    But the strongest thing in all the world is just a dream;
  7. Ocean Mightier Than the Land
    by Annette Wynne
    Ocean, mightier than the land,
    Wilful, turbulent, and wild,
  8. There's Many a Lonesome Daisy
    by Annette Wynne
    There's many a lonesome daisy where never a child can be,
    And many a lone little brooklet is dancing away to the sea;
  9. This Is God's Day
    by Annette Wynne
    This is God's day that he lent to me
    That I may use for good or ill;
  10. Thoughts and Flowers
    by Annette Wynne
    Thoughts grow like flowers overnight,
    Opening at morning light,
  11. Where Do Thoughts Come From?
    by Annette Wynne
    The minute I'm awake in bed
    A hundred thoughts pop in my head,
  12. The Pilgrims Came
    by Annette Wynne
    The Pilgrims came across the sea,
    And never thought of you and me;