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Bliss Carman


  1. A Vagabond Song
    by Bliss Carman
    There is something in the autumn that is native to my blood―
    Touch of manner, hint of mood;
  2. At Sunrise
    by Bliss Carman
    Now the stars have faded
    In the purple chill,
  3. Autumn
    by Bliss Carman
    Now when the time of fruit and grain is come
    When apples hang above the orchard wall,
  4. Garden Shadows
    by Bliss Carman
    When the dawn winds whisper
    To the standing corn,
  5. In Early May
    by Bliss Carman
    O my dear, the world to-day
    Is more lovely than a dream!
  6. The Old Gray Wall
    by Bliss Carman
    Time out of mind I have stood
    Fronting the frost and the sun,
  7. On the Dunes
    by Bliss Carman
    Here all night on the dunes
    In the rocking wind we sleep,
  8. In St. Germain Street
    by Bliss Carman
    Through the street of St. Germain
    March the tattered hosts of rain,
  9. 'Tis May Now in New England
    by Bliss Carman
    'Tis May now in New England
    And through the open door
  10. Winter Twilight
    by Bliss Carman
    Along the wintry skyline,
    Crowning the rocky crest,