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Hannah Flagg Gould


  1. Forest Music
    by Hannah Flagg Gould
    There's a sad loneliness about my heart,—
    A deep, deep solitude the spirit feels
  2. Song of the Bees
    by Hannah Flagg Gould
    We watch for the light of the morn to break
    And color the eastern sky
  3. The Pebble and the Acorn
    by Hannah Flagg Gould
    "I am a Pebble! and yield to none!"
    Were swelling words of a tiny stone,
  4. The Ship is Ready
    by Hannah Flagg Gould
    Fare thee well! the ship is ready,
    And the breeze is fresh and steady.
  5. The Waterfall
    by Hannah Flagg Gould
    Ye mighty waters, that have joined your forces,
    Roaring and dashing with this awful sound,