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Isaac McLellan


  1. Canvas-Back and Red-Heads
    by Isaac McLellan
    In sharp November, from afar,
    From Northern river, stream, and lake,
  2. Great Gray Wolf
    by Isaac McLellan
    Wolves range innumerous the great Northwest,
    And chief of all those prowlers is the Gray;
  3. Hunting the Grizzly Bear
    by Isaac McLellan
    Ursus Horibilis―the grizzly bear
    Hath range from Mexico to Canadian realm,
  4. Maine
    by Isaac McLellan
    Far in the sunset's mellow glory,
    Far in the day-break's pearly bloom,
  5. Mule-Deer
    by Isaac McLellan
    In the long-vanish'd years, this continent,
    So vast extended from the sea to sea,
  6. My Old Fishing Boat
    by Isaac McLellan
    My old boat rests on the shore,
    By the river's sedgy brink,
  7. October
    by Isaac McLellan
    It is October, and the glory of the year
    Is in the skies and on the woods extended far and near;
  8. Polar Bear
    by Isaac McLellan
    Amid the vast, eternal ice,
    The crystal plain, the drifting floe,
  9. Roar of the African Lion
    by Isaac McLellan
    This noble monarch of the Afric waste
    Meets with no rival to contest his reign,
  10. Rocky Mountain Goat
    by Isaac McLellan
    On Rocky Mountain cliff and ridge,
    Along the shelving Western slopes,
  11. Sea-Gull
    by Isaac McLellan
    Sea-bird, skimmer of the waves,
    Whither doth thy journey tend?
  12. Squirrels
    by Isaac McLellan
    When soft May breezes fan th' awaking woods,
    And with her fairy wand the blue-ey'd Spring
  13. The Black Bear
    by Isaac McLellan
    The great black bear hath wide-extended range
    O'er every region in these banded States;
  14. The Last Buffalo
    by Isaac McLellan
    Last of his royal race!
    He wanders lonely, o'er the trackless waste,
  15. The Old Mill by the River
    by Isaac McLellan
    Here in the years when life was bright
    With dewy mornings and sunset light,
  16. The Whale
    by Isaac McLellan
    Sailing across the lonely seas,
    Sailing across the Okotsh Sound,
  17. The Wild Swan
    by Isaac McLellan
    Ah, whence dost thou come, O bird of wide-spread wing?
    From what remotest shore dost thou wondrous tidings bring?
  18. The Wild Swan
    by Isaac McLellan
    Far dost thou come, O bird of noblest form,
    From stormy regions of the Arctic home;
  19. White Polar Bear
    by Isaac McLellan
    In the far North where Arctic vigors reign
    Man penetrates with awe the dreary scene,
  20. The Wild Turkey
    by Isaac McLellan
    These noble birds that did abound
    Innumerous over Northern ground―
  21. Wild Horse of the Prairies
    by Isaac McLellan
    For other scenes their lights expand,
    Out in the savage western land,

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