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J. R. Eastwood


  1. What the Birds Teach Us
    by J. R. Eastwood
    November now is here,
    With skies of leaden hue,
  2. A Christmas Carol
    by J. R. Eastwood
    It is the time when frost and snow
    Bring Christmas mirth and mistletoe,
  3. Harvest
    by J. R. Eastwood
    Last night we saw the sunlight fall
    Beyond the gate and old stone wall,
  4. The Old Mill
    by J. R. Eastwood
    One hundred years the mill has stood:
    One hundred years the dashing flood
  5. The Village Wedding
    by J. R. Eastwood
    The weeks and months, with long delay,
    Have brought at last the wedding day;
  6. The Shoeing Forge
    by J. R. Eastwood
    A Stone's throw from the market town,
    Close on the lane that wanders down
  7. The Village May-Day
    by J. R. Eastwood
    Piled up with sacks, to yonder town
    The great mill waggon lumbers down:
  8. An Unbidden Guest
    by J. R. Eastwood
    A bird one day, as birds will do
    When times are hard, came hopping through
  9. Thanksgiving
    by J. R. Eastwood
    The village church, a quaint old pile,
    Stands where the quiet meadows smile,
  10. Faith and Work
    by J. R. Eastwood
    This gospel is more true and sweet
    Than all beside that men declare;
  11. Conscience
    by J. R. Eastwood
    Deep down in every human heart
    By storms of passion stirred,
  12. Let us be True
    by J. R. Eastwood
    Let us be true, the young and strong,
    And, waging battle with the wrong,
  13. First Love
    by J. R. Eastwood
    There is no second love like this:
    For there is something that we miss
  14. Sunset
    by J. R. Eastwood
    In grass-grown, sheltered ways and green,
    Where gleams of glory glance between
  15. Firelight
    by J. R. Eastwood
    I gave the wealth of love for dross
    Of falsehood, and I suffered loss:
  16. Give Me thine heart!
    by J. R. Eastwood
    "Give Me thine heart!" When life was young
    That summons gently came,
  17. Forgiveness
    by J. R. Eastwood
    O God, forgive the years and years
    Of worldly pride and hopes and fears;

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