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Mathilde Blind


  1. A Highland Village
    by Mathilde Blind
    Clear shining after the rain,
    The sun bursts the clouds asunder,
  2. A Spring Song
    by Mathilde Blind
    Dark sod pierced by flames of flowers,
    Dead wood freshly quickening,
  3. Apple-Gathering
    by Mathilde Blind
    Essex flats are pink with clover,
    Kent is crowned with flaunting hops,
  4. April Rain
    by Mathilde Blind
    The April rain, the April rain,
    Comes slanting down in fitful showers,
  5. Autumn Tints
    by Mathilde Blind
    Coral-coloured yew-berries
    Strew the garden ways,
  6. Reapers
    by Mathilde Blind
    Sun-tanned men and women, toiling there together;
    Seven I count in all, in yon field of wheat,
  7. The Robin Redbreast
    by Mathilde Blind
    The year's grown songless! No glad pipings thrill
    The hedge-row elms, whose wind-worn branches shower
  8. The Sower
    by Mathilde Blind
    The winds had hushed at last as by command;
    The quiet sky above,
  9. Time's Shadow
    by Mathilde Blind
    Thy life, O Man, in this brief moment lies:
    Time's narrow bridge whereon we darkling stand,