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The Happy Little Clock

by Annette Wynne

In my garret room, I'm never quite alone,
I have a small companion all my own,
A cunning round-faced merry little elf,
My little China clock upon the shelf.
It's tick, tick, ticking all the day,
How I love its cheery steady little way,
It keeps my garret room
Free from sprites of fear and gloom,
The happy little clock upon the shelf.

It calls me every morning to my work,
In rain or shine it never tries to shirk;
The cozy little, honest little elf,
The busy little clock upon the shelf;
O it's tick, tick, ticking day and night,
It ticks its "honest best" with all its might;
I shall never lack a friend
When my daytime labors end
With my little China clock upon the shelf.