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What Would Life Be?

by Annie Armstrong

If some sad moment I should wake to know
That all the friends I love and hold most dear,
If I were dead, would shed no bitter tear,
All the dear friends I love and cherish so,
What would life be?

If I should feel that in all God's great earth
No heart responsive throbbed unto my own;
That I was left in all the world alone,
With none to feel my woes or share my mirth,
What would life be?

I could not wish to live another day
If this I knew, but I should pray to die;
Such a bleak desert, cold and bare and dry.
With such a leaden sky so dull and gray
This earth would be.

O, those bright cheering gifts from Heaven above,
How little do we prize them till they flee!
For without friendship, hope, or charity,
Without the boons of sympathy and love,
What would life be?

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