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Golden Keys

by Anonymous

A bunch of golden keys is mine
To make each day with gladness shine.
"Good morning" is the golden key
That unlocks every door for me.

When evening comes, "Good Night" I say,
And close the door of each glad day.
When at the table, "If You Please"
I take from off my bunch of keys.

When friends give anything to me
I'll use the "Thank You" key,
"Excuse me," "Beg your pardon, too,"
When by mistake some harm I do,
Or, if unkindly harm I've given,
With "Forgive me," I shall be forgiven.

On a golden ring these keys I'll bind,
This is its motto—"Be ye kind."
I'll often use each golden key,
And then a child polite I'll be.

Hearts, like doors, oft ope with ease
To very, very little keys,
And don't forget that two are these:
"I thank you, sir," and "If you please."