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The Blacksmith

by Anonymous

Clink, clink, clinkerty clink!
We begin to hammer at morning's blink,
And hammer away
Till the busy day,
Like us, aweary, to rest shall sink.

Clink, clink, clinkerty clink!
From labor and care we never will shrink;
But our fires we'll blow
Till our forges glow
With light intense, while our eyelids wink.

Clink, clink, clinkerty clink;
The chain we'll forge with many a link.
We'll work each form
While the iron is warm,
With strokes as fast as we can think.

Clink, clink, clinkerty clink!
Our faces may be as black as ink,
But our hearts are true
As man ever knew,
And kindly of all we shall ever think.