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A Teacher's Life

by Charlotte Webb Montgomery

To work, to wait, to watch, to pray,
To strive some truth to give each day,
To render aid to this one's needs,
Some comfort bear for that one's woes,―
This is the life a teacher leads,
As every teacher knows.

To have the warning thrust aside,
To feel the patience sorely tried,
To lift the weight of heavy cares,
Increased by words that hurt like blows,―
This is the pain a teacher bears,
As every teacher knows.

To hear "Good morning" brightly said,
To meet the smiles which pleasure shed,
The glance, the word, which love reveals,
The pity that in trouble flows,―
These are the joys a teacher feels,
As every teacher knows.

Then work, and wait, and watch, and pray,
Still strive some truth to give each day,
Each worthy effort firm shall stand,
The joys shall far exceed the woes;
God bids thee work nor hold thy hand,―
As every teacher knows.

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