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Meeting of Friends After a Long Absence

by Eliza Wolcott

The features of my friend I know,
Though years have roll'd between,
For sure, the furrow'd cheek will show,
Where friendship's smile hath been.

That voice, though weak, still bears the sound,
Of cheering notes to me;
That eye, though dim, to mine is bound,
For speaking looks agree.

That brow I know, though mark'd with care,
Its influence is the same,
In all its weal or wo, I share,
For friendship's hallowed name.

More beautiful my friends appear,
As sorrow o'er them rolls;
And I can smile, or drop a tear,
With such congenial souls.

Tell not of wealth, with all its gain,
(Unhallowed sound to me,)
But tell how truth and grace maintain
The soul forever free.

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