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First Love Poems

Table of Contents

  1. Blackberries by Alfred Noyes
  2. My Heart of Hearts by Ruby Archer
  3. First Love by J. R. Eastwood

  1. Blackberries

    by Alfred Noyes

    Out of the sunny field they passed
    And sought the leafy shade;
    A farmer's boy with laughing lips,
    A barefoot village maid.

    Her lips were blue with blackberries,
    Her finger-tips were red;
    And "What shall take the stain away
    This day at all?" she said.

    He's pulled the rose from out his coat,
    And it was fully blown;
    He's heard the song the linnet sang,
    And they were all alone.

    It was a white rose took the stain
    From her dainty finger-tips;
    But, O, it was a redder flower
    Grew purple at her lips.

  2. My Heart of Hearts

    by Ruby Archer

    My heart of hearts is a garden fair
    All abud and abloom for you,
    And a grey stone wall goes all around
    That none without may see it is there.
    But a little wicket your love has found
    Furtively, shyly open for you.

    A revel of blossom, a riot of bee,
    And fragrance fine as a melody,
    A thousand windings, soft to your feet;—
    And none may win by the grey stone bound
    To my heart of hearts with its rose and rue
    And hidden wildness of wanton sweet—
    Save you, Beloved, my Love, save you.

  3. First Love

    by J. R. Eastwood

    There is no second love like this:
    For there is something that we miss
    In second love, however true:
    And this it is, the first was new.

    And I could die for her, and she
    Could smile in death to die for me:
    But hearts are frozen, old, and grey,
    When passion burns itself away.

    And second love is not the same:
    It is as though the heat and flame
    Should glow and sparkle in the fire
    Where wasted ashes now expire.

    The lips are cold, the lips we kiss:
    It is the fresh delight we miss
    In second love: the first was new,
    And was and is for ever true.

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