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The Sea of Silence

by Florence May Alt

When between us two there rolled
Wide Atlantic's sea,
Ships too frail thy love to hold
Brought thy words to me.
Though thy letters few and far
Crost a burning zone,
Yet thy love rose like a star—
I was not alone.

When the white sails westward flew,
"What are seas?" I cried;
"What but ribbons broad and blue,
That the gods have tied."
Though across Pacific's sea,
Drifted wrecks were blown,
Still thy letters came to me—
I was not alone.

But today we met—behold,
In the narrow street;
And the Sea of Silence rolled
To our ver feet.
Not a smile to cross the space,
Not a tender tone;
I, while looking in thy face,
Knew I was alone.