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The Future Oklahoma

by Frank M. Colville

Mine eyes are looking forward,
And I see a vision blest,
For the future Oklahoma,
The Queen of the Southwest.

The last one called and numbered,
In the sisterhood of states,
But first in pluck and progress—
The leader of her mates.

I see her fertile prairies,
Where earth's golden wealth we reap;
I see her mines and factories
And her orchards fruited deep.

I see her gas and oil fields
Where wealth is daily made;
I see her wondrous cities
With their hum of life and trade.

I see her homes and hearth-stones,
Where health and wealth abide;
I see her trackless forests,
Where the timid deer still hide.

I see her lofty hilltops;
I see her valleys green,
And mine eyes are filled with rapture
At the splendor of the scene.

I see her verdant landscape,
'Neath heaven's azure dome,
And I am proud that Oklahoma
Is the place that I call home.

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