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Poems About Oklahoma

Table of Contents

  1. The Future Oklahoma by Frank M. Colville
  2. It's Spring in Oklahoma by Frank M. Colville
  3. Sun-Kissed Oklahoma by LeRoy Huron Kelsey
  4. Oklahoma,— A Sonnet by Freeman E. Miller

  1. The Future Oklahoma

    by Frank M. Colville

    Mine eyes are looking forward,
    And I see a vision blest,
    For the future Oklahoma,
    The Queen of the Southwest.

    The last one called and numbered,
    In the sisterhood of states,
    But first in pluck and progress—
    The leader of her mates.

    I see her fertile prairies,
    Where earth's golden wealth we reap;
    I see her mines and factories
    And her orchards fruited deep.

    I see her gas and oil fields
    Where wealth is daily made;
    I see her wondrous cities
    With their hum of life and trade.

    I see her homes and hearth-stones,
    Where health and wealth abide;
    I see her trackless forests,
    Where the timid deer still hide.

    I see her lofty hilltops;
    I see her valleys green,
    And mine eyes are filled with rapture
    At the splendor of the scene.

    I see her verdant landscape,
    'Neath heaven's azure dome,
    And I am proud that Oklahoma
    Is the place that I call home.

  2. It's Spring in Oklahoma

    by Frank M. Colville

    It's spring in Oklahoma
    And old nature's looking pert,
    With the green plumes of the corn crop
    Just a-pushin' through the dirt,
    The odor comes in gladness
    From each tinted prairie flower,
    And the rich, red rambling roses
    O'er the well curb make a bower.

    It's spring in Oklahoma,
    You can hear the red-bird call
    To his mate hid in the cluster
    Of the yuccas on the noll,
    The red haws are in blossom
    And the sand plums are in bud,
    And the Oklahoma sunshine
    Pours down in a golden flood.

    It's spring in Oklahoma,
    And the green alfalfa fields
    Already are a-tellin'
    Of six-fold golden yields;
    The sod is turin' backward
    As the plow goes on and on,
    Soon the sod-land will have vanished
    And the golden west be won.

    It's spring in Oklahoma
    Like no where else on earth,
    And prairie land and timber
    Are brimmin' full of mirth:
    A million welcome voices
    Sing sonnets in your ear—
    It's spring in Oklahoma,
    The joy tide of the year.

    It's spring in Oklahoma,
    And from emerald fields of wheat
    The meadow larks are chorin'
    An anthem pure and sweet;
    The smell of the fresh furrow
    Breathes prosperity's perfume,
    And you just can't help from catchin'
    The Oklahoma boom.

  3. Sun-Kissed Oklahoma

    by LeRoy Huron Kelsey

    Oklahoma, land of promise, wondrous in thy might,
    Balmy are thy days and sunny, blue thy skies and bright;
    Flower-scented are the breezes o'er thy verdant plains,
    Music-throated are thy song-birds in their glad refrains;
    Fat and sleek thy short-horn cattle on their pastares green,
    Pure and clear thy water-courses, with their silver sheen.

    Oklahoma, land of cotton, and of wheat and corn,
    Varied are the crops abundant that thy fields adorn;
    Clover sweet and fine alfalfa in thy meadows grow;
    Under-ground thy gas and oil wells yield a precious flow;
    Princely are thy lead and zinc mines, richest in the land;
    Regal wealth and splendid resources are at thy command.

    Oklahoma, land of plenty, and of magic stride,
    Industry has been thy habit, up-to-date-ness is thy pride;
    Where the stranger finds a welcome and the honest man a home,
    On the prairies where but lately swarthy Red-men used to roam;
    Great commercial growth and progress has rewarded enterprise,
    And to-day thy rank and prestige e'en thy rivals recognize.

  4. Oklahoma,— A Sonnet

    by Freeman E. Miller

    Here, through the ages old, the desert slept
    In solitudes unbroken, save when passed
    The bison herds, and savage hunters swept
    In thund'ring chaos down the valleys vast;
    But, lo! Across the barren margins stepped
    Advancement with her legions, and one blast
    From her imperial trumpet filled the last
    Lone covert where affrighted wildness crept.

    Full armed, full armored, at her wondrous birth,
    Her shining temples wreathed with gorgeous dower.
    She sits among the empires of the earth;
    Her proud achievements o'er the nations tower,
    Won by her people with their royal worth,
    With lofty culture, wisdom, wealth and power.

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