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Poems About Colorado

Table of Contents

  1. Wild Rose of Colorado by Ruby Archer
  2. Colorado by Dudley Hughes Davis
  3. A Colorado Lodge by Ruby Archer

  1. Wild Rose of Colorado

    by Ruby Archer

    O sweet wild rose on the mountain
    Where pine-tree forest shields,
    Why are your petals pinker
    Than roses in lowland fields?

    "I dwell here lonely and pensive,
    All in the shade and hush;
    And I see the sun so rarely,
    I cannot help but blush."

  2. Colorado

    by Dudley Hughes Davis

    The world of nations have their kings,
    Where golden diadems glitter proud;
    The King of States new glory brings,
    With crowning head high in the cloud.
    Colorado is the King of States,
    With crowns of gold wrapped in the sky,
    And from her walls the Golden Gate
    Is hinged on silver gleaming high.

    Her mountain peaks are fringed with gold,
    Her walls are knit with silver strands,
    And silver brick just from the mould
    Are piled on pavements through the land.
    Her snow-capped peaks of purity
    Send health and long life through the vale,
    And ages of obscurity
    Are now the ages of the rail.

    With windings through the walls so tall,
    And grading up the mountain side,
    With power and room for one and all,
    Who on the rail may wish to ride;
    Over the range they puff and blow,
    Ten thousand feet up in the sky,
    Pass all the clouds which drift below,
    And wrap in golden clouds on high.

    Tornado storms, in smutty sheet,
    Swift howl around the peak so high,
    But dip their wings beneath the feet
    Of those who may be on the fly.
    The golden rays flash from the sun,
    As nature sinks it down to rest,
    And when its course is fully run,
    All heaven is golden in the west.

    The King of States, and king of all,
    With tallest peaks e'er crowned with gold,
    And deeper gorges, higher walls
    Than crown the Switzerland of old.
    Fertile valleys, crystal fountains,
    And many wide extending plains,
    Spread between her snow-capped mountains,
    Checkered with railroads and sweeping trains.

  3. A Colorado Lodge

    by Ruby Archer

    Unknown to the public eye
    Of a busy, hurrying town,
    Where a hedge goes rambling by,
    Is an old brown lodge—oh, brown
    With the trees' own swarthy hue—
    The brown of the unshorn bark
    Deepened with sun and dew;
    And the wandering rooms within,
    Curtained and coy and dark,
    Have a winsome, wayward air,
    A challenging—"Find me out!"
    A happy wilful turn
    That will charm you unaware.
    The vines are all about,
    Over the rough old walls
    That draw them in and in
    Where the cobweb spinning falls,
    Through every crevice and knot;
    And they wind their slender fingers
    Lithely, lovingly 'round,
    'Till the very sunlight lingers;
    And they lean and tremble and sway
    And cling and ripple and play
    In a maze of tender green
    With a glimpse of brown between.

    Ah—the feeling you have in there,
    Safe in the still retreat,
    All hid from the noise and glare—
    How satisfying-sweet!
    Sweet as a burst of bloom
    Where you knew not any grew,
    Sweet as the honey-dew
    In the heart of a thistle's gloom,
    Sweet with the full surprise
    Of all hidden, quick delight.
    O dear old bark-brown lodge,
    Where vines and perfumes play,—
    You fill my eyes by day,
    My dreams by night.

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