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Jealousy Poems

Table of Contents

  1. Fable by Thomas Bailey Aldrich

  1. Fable

    by Thomas Bailey Aldrich

    A certain bird in a certain wood,
    Feeling the spring-time warm and good,
    Sang to it, in melodious mood.
    On other neighboring branches stood
    Other birds who heard his song:
    Loudly he sang, and clear and strong;
    Sweetly he sang, and it stirred their gall
    There should be a voice so musical.
    They said to themselves: "We must stop that bird,
    He's the sweetest voice was ever heard.
    That rich, deep chest-note, crystal-clear,
    Is a mortifying thing to hear.
    We have sharper beaks and hardier wings,
    Yet we but croak: this fellow sings!"
    So they planned and planned, and killed the bird
    With the sweetest voice was ever heard.

    Passing his grave one happy May,
    I brought this English daisy away.

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